Grandma>s House 

We are proud to say that Rosa is a majority

Black-owned and 100% women-owned cafe

in the best neighborhood in the City of Detroit



Rosa Malone, great-grandmother of owner Charity Dean, was one of the first Black homeowners to move into Rosedale Park in 1973. Her journey to her home on Rosemont was one of difficulty and struggle as many of the white neighbors and even the home owner’s realtor did not want integration of this neighborhood. Nevertheless, Rosa and her husband Elijah persevered and successfully purchased the home. Rosa remained in her beloved home for nearly 46 years.

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Cozy & Welcoming

When you walk into Rosa, we want it to feel cozy and welcoming just like your Grandma’s House. Rosa is an extension of the beautiful diversity that is Grandmont Rosedale. From our intentionally selected music to our grand-millenial decor with afrocentric flair, it is clear that Rosa is both authentically Black and welcoming to everyone. 



The coffee at Rosa is locally roasted by a Black owned company Faust Haus. Named after Faust street in Rosedale, Faust Haus Roasting Co’s mission is to introduce people to the traditional aromas and flavors of African spiced coffees, while making an impact on communities throughout the diaspora. 

Our unique Rosa Blend is an Ethiopian Sakiso with hints of strawberry and roses. This blend has been curated uniquely for Rosa and is available for purchase by the bag. 



While Charity and Heather joined forces to bring you their unique take on Grandma's House, it is Rosa's dedicated staff that make sure it actually feels like Grandma's House every day.

Best friends Charity and Heather have been working together for years. They have collaborated on major projects when they both worked at the Detroit Land Bank Authority and then the City of Detroit. While Rosa is named after Charity’s great grandmother, Heather has her own unique connection to North Rosedale Park. It is the neighborhood where Heather's family lived right up until Heather’s birth - not far from Rosa, in fact, on Edinborough. 


TUES 7am-5pm
WED 7am-5pm
THURS 7am-5pm
FRI 7am-5pm
SAT 8am-6pm
SUN 9am-3pm


19180 Grand River Ave Detroit, MI 48223